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Aug 24, 2011 11:35pm EDT
>>> tonight on "nightline," steve jobs resigns. tonight, the wizard behind some of the hottest products the world has ever known resigns as chief of apple in a surprise announcement. we've got the very latest. >>> hurricane warning. the first major hurricane to take aim at the u.s. in years. irene smashes through the bahamas and bears down on the mainland. we're out in the storm. >>> and hunger at home. a year ago, he would not have believed he would be feeding his family on handouts. >> i wasn't living above my means. had a job, put food on the table. >> we go inside the quiet american crisis. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. steve jobs once said that people don't know what they want till you show it to thth. with incredible, almost spooky, consistency, jobs has produced new products that consumers discovered they really, really wanted. well, now just hours ago, steve jobs has resigned as chief executive of apple, the company he built. just a month after apple announced astronomical third quarter profits of more than $7 billion. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: it w
Aug 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
of an e-mail steve jobs sent out to the board. to the board of directors, i have always said that if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. i here by resign as ceo of apple. i would like to serve as chairman of the board, director and apple employee. as far as my successor goes, i strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name tim cook as ceo of apple. he said i believe apple's brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it and i look forward to contributing to it in my new role. thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you. signed simply steve. it is easy to use superlatives. you're looking at video of jobs earlier in june facing the cupertino city council about the future and apple's new headquarters. since then with the imac and the macbook, the cell phone looks a whole lot different. 279 million ipods helped change the music business. more recently the ipad. let's not forget pixar, giving animation a big
Aug 24, 2011 11:00pm PDT
. steve jobs is stepping down from apple. he will be replaced. kron 4's reggie kumar is here to talk about the major change. >> reporter: steve jobs submitted his resignation today. he said he can no longer handle the job. >> reporter: stunk stunk will still play an important role. while stepping down steve jobs suggested tim cook should be the new ceo and the board agreed. cook joined the company in 1998 and named chief operating officer in 2007. he served as ceo in 2004 and 2009. in a letter addressed to apple jobs said, quote, i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come the resignation appears to be related to the health problems he has dealt with over the past several years. in 2004 he battled cancer and lost a lot of weight and looked frail every since then. in 2009 he said the weight loss was caused by a hormone imbalanced and announced a six month leave of absence. his most recent work included the ipod, iphone and ipad. >> reporter: after his announc
FOX News
Aug 30, 2011 6:00am EDT
across the 11 states have been killed. nearly five million people, plus steve and brian, are without power. and flyers finally get up in the air and to their destinations this morning. even though the major airports have reopened, travelers experienced 1600 flight cancellations yesterday. airlines warning it could take several days before the one million stranded passengers by irene get to where they need to go. dominique strauss-khan applauded as he returns to the headquarters of the international monetary fund in washington. he went back to his old office with his wife five days after he was cleared of sexual assault charges. strauss-khan apologized to the entire imf staff. not sure for what. he's expected to move back to france later this week. a great american story. a little league team gets a welcome home that they will never forget. >> the 2011 little league champions! >> family, friends and fans in huntington beach, california, went wild for the boys' big win. they defeated japan 2-1 in the little league world series and the city plans to honor them next weekend with an off
FOX News
Aug 30, 2011 3:00am PDT
chance, perhaps? the white house will answer that question. and more. "fox and friends" starts, steve, do you have the time? >> it starts right now! >> who needs the stinking digital clock? i got a wrist watch right here. it's time to start! >> get your sundial out. >> i feel like -- exactly like the pilgrims when they came over in the nina, pinta and the santa maria because we don't have electricity. back to the old days. i'm making my own butter. >> you're still without electricity. >> this morning, i did this. i traveled with this little thing all the time. shaving. >> i go to bed with a minors cap and i hit a button and i just start shaving. >> you guys around alone. there are millions of people without electricity. >> we feel for you, folks, although you're not watching us right now unless you're lucky enough to have a general rarlt. >> if nothing matches, don't blame us. we're getting dressed literally in the dark. >> let me take a look. >> that shirt is lavender. >> not many people have color tv. >> meanwhile, we'll give you the follow-up on irene. we want to get right to your
FOX News
Aug 31, 2011 6:00am EDT
to a lot of devastation, unfortunately. >> steve, will you lend gretchen your plane next time? >> i'll lend her my lack of electricity. now day five no electricity in our house. >> me, too. >> i got it back last night. you are welcome to a sleepover. i have a blow up mattress. >> i have the one flashlight i've been using it for five days, shaved with it this morning. >> we have so many trees down, i have no idea when power will be restored. stay tuned for next week. headlines for this wednesday, the latest on the aftermath from hurricane irene. u.s. blackhawk helicopters delivering much needed supplies to people in vermont this morning. more than a dozen towns left stranded because roads and bridges are washed out. the situation just as dire in new jersey. towns near the passaic river being evacuated as floodwaters continue to rise. some people being rescued by boat from their homes. >> i know people in the communities that i visited say wayne and fairfield have dealt with something like this before. but this is the worst that any of them have seen. i saw just extraordinary despair
FOX News
Aug 1, 2011 3:00am PDT
idea, steve. i'll try to give you a sense of what's gonna happen today first before we get to the details that we have. the house will meet this morning at 10:00 and they meet again at 12:00 noon for legislative business and they'll have to dispense with several suspension bills before they get to the deal that was worked out of last night. so we expect debate in both houses as early as this afternoon or this evening. as far as the bipartisan agreement that was worked out last night, there's likely to be a lot of dissension within the far right and far left in both houses. let's get to a graphic that has details on the deal that was worked out last night. the debt ceiling is going to be raised $2.1 trillion through the year 2012 under the deal worked out last night. it will cut a trillion dollars right now with a commensurate $800 billion increase in the debt ceiling right now. and then later, a special committee of congress composed of three republican house members, three democratic house members, three republican senators, three democratic senators will work out another
Aug 25, 2011 4:00pm PDT
me to the diamond planet. >> ahead, steve legacy at apple. you will not see much of a difference even though the company's master mind is stepping aside. >> inside of qaddafi's compound. rebels made a strange discovery. >> and a look at the cool down. it will warm up tomorrow. we'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.ososososososs >> the departing now look for something else. >> an apple growing speculation of what is next for apple's brightest now that steve jobs has stepped aside. we have more. >> david apple watches are waiting to see if they will undergo changes or face new leadership. >>reporter: there will be challenges ahead. but first look at the report. there is no question that apple's success is tied to their people and that could be their secret sauce. the nagging question is if there is a exodus with steve jobs being around. >> we like to be around the greatness. they recognize this experience would not be repeated in their lifetime and they wanted to get the most of it. with steve departing it is time to look for something else. >>reporter: members of the team of t
Aug 1, 2011 6:00am PDT
. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for a look at the weather. hi steve. >> hello pam and dave and you as well. morning low clouds and fog. they acloudy. santa rosa to concord to livermore and san jose and oakland and san francisco. everyone is in on this fog and low clouds. once it burns off 60s and 70s and low to mid 80s. >>> here at the toll plaza of the bay bridge a light delay. there is some waiting as you can see. nothing major before you get on to the bridge. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you, sal. overnight news a double shooting has taken the life of a young woman in richmond. we're on the scene. this is a live picture. you can see the police officers there. the cameras panning around. the police have blocked off an area of neven avenue and eighth street. this is just across the street from kaiser medical center. they have been tracing the steps trying to find evidence out there. a short time ago police did talk to relatives
Aug 20, 2011 8:00am EDT
on the national year of astronomy. the genesis of the book was steve's other book he has done for you and desert photography and astronomy and they have been asking him for years to write a more popular book on astronomy and we decided to do it together. the goal was to inspire people to go to these places. because of the inspiration, steve was at the planetarium as a youngster which you read about in the introduction to the book. mine was the apollo missions to the moon. we want to emphasize you can spark these kids' imaginations early in their lives could lead to a career and an avocation. an interesting career and exciting thing to do. it is a pleasure to go to work every day which not everybody can say. here's a rough map of the eight places we talk about from texas to southern california. we didn't cover mount wilson and los angeles. we cut it off in san diego and some other great places in california. like big bear. we chose to pick these out because they're a natural bunch and something we could imagine you could visit in a matter of about a week if you wanted to do it right and drive to
Aug 24, 2011 9:00pm PDT
to the news that steve jobs is resigning in apple. the products are in such demand that just today united airlines gave its pilots ipads to replace paper flight manuals. i'm dan ashley. ceos come and go but few are credited with success like apple. steve jobs turned in h his letter of resignation. he said "i always said if there ever came a day i could no longer meet by duties and expectations and apple's ceo i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come ." jobs appeared in public in march to unveil the ipad. at a dinner hosted by president obama for tech leaders in silicon valley. lesliless has more tonight on s major change. >> not the end of appleby any means. steve jobs will continue on as apple's chairman of the board. he is not disappearing but reinventing his role in apple. steve jobs has been on medical leave from apple since early this year. after battling pan creeat eck cancer and a liver transplant. despite health problems he has turned the world in an i^ world with successful ipods, iphones and ipads. this. >> this is apple putting down on paper what
Aug 24, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. now on the phone to talk with us further about steve jobs announcement and the future of apple is scott, the editor and chief of see that. and for joining us and your reaction? >> it is not unexpected but it is still shocking. when it comes to silicon valley and the history of the pc revolution he is right there at the top. it is shocking and frankly sad. >> i do not know a company whose image is tied as much to a ceo as much as apples is. do you suspect that his health is deteriorating in light of this announcement? >> i cannot really speculate. he said before that he would step down when he could no longer perform the duties to whatever reason that is that is why. >> what does this mean for the company? >> he is obviously the visionary leader and shown that he can put together an incredible team. it takes a lot of people to execute perfectly like they have been doing for a lot of years. they created a smart phone industry, the tabloid industry is theirs for now probably for quite awhile more. i think it is in good shape as far as that goes. they have a strong team. but w
Aug 25, 2011 7:00am EDT
a look at when and where it will hit. >>> after years of battling health problems, apple's ceo steve jobs say the day has come for him to resign. we'll bring you the latest on what this means for the company he founded, for wall street and for all those apple products. >>> and for nearly two years after his wife disappeared, josh powell is speaking out about the case and suspicions he may have been involved. >> people who know me know that i could never hurt susan. >> we'll hear more from josh's in-depth interview this thursday morning, august 25th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> and good thursday morning to you. boy, it's a beautiful sky out there now. may not be the case. >> don't get used to it. good morning erica, good morning, everyone. i'm chris wragge. here in the east all eyes on the hurricane getting bigger and bigger and faster and stronger by every hour. many on wall street are concentrating on the big announcement from apple after steve jobs says he can't do his job anymore as apple's ceo, raising serious questions about his health and future health
Aug 25, 2011 4:00am PDT
apple's core. in a surprise move steve jobs resigns as apple's ceo. what the future holds for the historic innovator and the >>> bottoms up.ed start. the new hair care product going from the saloon to the e lon. >>> good morning, everyone. i'm tanya rivero. >> and i'm rob nelson. hurricane irene could be shaping up to be an historic storm. its powerful winds are tearing through the bahamas. >> before the day is over it is expected to become a category 4 storm and could be the worst hurricane to hit the east in two decades. abc's karen travers has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two days ago the east coast was rocked by a rare earthquake. now residents are preparing for what could be a massive hurricane. hurricane irene is coming and it could pack a real punch. forecasters say the storm could gain strength as it barrels towards the east coast likely making landfall in north carolina as a category 3 hurricane as early as saturday. irene's winds stretch out over 400 mile, the same width as the state of arizona, more than 65 million people live in its path along
Aug 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
high above. >> yeah, i felt the noise. >> reporter: steve russell was swinging away here at the construction site in oakland, when suddenly? >> it shook like an up and down motion. >> reporter: the quake struck along the hayward fault in san leandro where the rattled residents felt the shaking. rattled because? >> it was shaking, shifting the floor, i was so scared. >> reporter: another quake was also centered in san leandro. >> this rolled from south to north a couple of times, gave it a good shake, at first i thought somebody hit the building. >> reporter: the 70 city of san leandro is a hot spot on the map all week. this man is a researcher with the usgs. >> this event was not related to the magnitude 5.8 in virginia and the magnitude 5.3 in colorado, more unusual, the 5.8 was a 100-year event. >> reporter: he says the area of san leandro has experienced a magnitude 3.0 or greater quake three times within the last week. he says the cluster of recent quakes has not increased the probability of a 6.7 quake or stronger occurring along the hayward fault in the coming deca
Aug 30, 2011 5:00am PDT
'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. you know, the great steve paulson is back. >> thank you, pam and dave. we do have a cooler pattern for you today. in fact, the fog is really going up and down the coast, making a pretty strong surge inland. that means temperatures, they start to move down. really haven't changed too much coast and bay. but they'll be stuck in the 50s, 60s there. 70s as you move inland and then upper 70s or very low 80s for locations that should be warmer than this. here's sal. reporter: steve, right now traffic is moving along very nicely on interstate 680 heading south. no major problems on the way to the south bay from the east bay. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo bridge, a lot of people crossing, although it is not at critical mass yet. traffic looks good over to 101. 5:00, let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin this morning with a developing story in san francisco. a man has been shot outside a restaurant and bar in the city's mission district. ktvu's taramoriarty is live at the scene with what she has h
Aug 24, 2011 11:00pm EDT
earthquake damage. majors steve jobs makes a concerning his future. martin luther king, the special event held this evening. >>> live and in hd, this is abc7 on your side. >> we began with the coming hurricane and the ongoing impact from the east coast earthquake. a look at the eye of the storm. it is now a category three. orders have already issued in north carolina. more schools are closed and engineers are at someng the damage iconic locations. we begin tonight with the latest hurricane irene. >> let me take you into the atmosphere and show you what is ferocious category three major correcting. the eye and it is typical. you can see how it reforms and forms. next couple of days, it to move up through the bahamas. just within the last couple of minutes, wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour. are still 120 miles per hour. you can see how the rain is increasing. here, here is the very latest track. is now a category 3 hurricane. that -- is that as it movesstronger over warm water. by saturday afternoon, it will right near cape hatteras. the trend is increasing. because of the very tight g
Aug 2, 2011 7:00am PDT
lights are on. >> let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. some low cases in the north bay dipped in the 40s, especially napa county. we might see a little warmup for some inland areas, emphasis on a little bit. these temperatures are about an hour ago. kentwood, and sebastopol at 49. low clouds, sunny, warmer for a few. not for everybody. there's still a lot of 80s. vacaville, up to lake county, ukiah. that's about it. low clouds, sunny, warm will give way to an increase in the -- in the fog and temperatures will cool down as we head into -- it it looks like thursday and friday. later in the afternoon, thunderstorms pop up south of tahoe and truckee. southern california still dealing with a little. they are decreasing. the air is not really conducive for thunderstorm activity. it's out of the southwest. west-southwest 22. that's pretty strong for fairfield. that's why i'm having a hard time buying into any warmup. there's too much in the way of low clouds and a sea breeze. 50s, low, muper -- mid- to upper. just a series of systems continues to -- the pattern is stuck. everything is just lo
Aug 28, 2011 5:00pm PDT
after trying to catch up after canceling 9,000 flights. we go to nbc's steve handelsman in new york city. >> reporter: starting the cleanup. this was central park. new york is draining tonight. rhode island is taking stock. >> it's not as bad as we expected. it's much better. >> reporter: irene was a full fledged cat 1 hurricane. this was long island this morning. >> pandemonium pretty much. kind of crazy. >> reporter: at least 15 people were reported killed from florida to new england, many by falling trees last night and today. flooding extended far inland. this was near philadelphia and some rivers are still reported rising. now, many of the millions who evacuated want to see if there's damage. asa lowe in new york city. >> they said there was limited damage and power outages. i don't know what to believe. >> reporter: charlie jones in north carolina. >> they won't let us back in. you have to have a reentry pass. >> reporter: with power out to 800,000 homes in maryland and more than half a million in north carolina and pennsylvania, many people are not being allowed home. the feds exp
Jul 31, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: wingmaster owner steve says the key is training his birds to train the seagulls. >> what they'll interpret is there's a falcon in hunt in the area, and grab your kids and get out of here. stadium full ut acc1: of pemg presents a few challenges. for example, steve says his birds would be trained to intimidate but not attack. thecc1:cc1:cc1: nce of falcon in aggressive flight mode that actually stimulates that fear factor in the seagull. >> reporter: the giants say they're weighing the options, including trying to get the to set up house in the light pole or anything else for that matter that will roll up welcome mat on the stadium's opportunistic fans. >> what a mess. if i had a little kid at the thing and there's falcons going around -- i don't know. let's check in with nick o'kelly, check in on the weather. what's going on, nick? >>> we're talking about fairly quiet conditions around the bay area. e were concerned about somecc1: iels lated thundershowers. not going to show. the reason is, temperatures just didn't warm up enough.cc1: we couldn't get the instability going and t
Comedy Central
Aug 26, 2011 9:55am PDT
seem benign, but iowa republican steve king knows the the elle nazis are up to something sinister. >> they've called it "preventative medicine." well, if you apply that preventative medicine universally, what you end up with is you've prevented a generation. >> stephen: exactly. americans only have children by accident. it's clearly hard to imagine anyone having steve king on purpose. i mean, free birth control... [applause] free birth control will wipe out the american race. that's what wiped out the dinosaurs. a bowl of free condoms. so i don't know how the t-rex got them on. [applause] [laughter] folks, i'm angry. folks, this plan is not just the end of humanity. it is the end of decency. as explained by outraged blonde fox lady. >> why in the world would you encourage your daughters and your granddaughters and whoever else comes behind you to have unrestricted, unlimited sex any time, anywhere? >> stephen: yeah. why? because hickory smoked lady and i know that if we give your daughters and granddaughters access to birth control, they will instantly turn into wanton hard lets w
Aug 12, 2011 5:00am EDT
there. >> feels great out there. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. lets a say good morning to tucker barnes now. he has the latest on our weather and the return to the 80s. >> stuck in the 80s. not only today but right new the weekend i think temperatures will hold out in the 80s. off to a comfortable, not just here in washington. much of the mid-thick is doing great. here in washington, this is one of warmer spots at 72. most of the area is in the 60s, even some 50s not too far away. there you go. you can see we have 52 in detroit. 54 in columbus. new york city, 68 at this hour. nice-hooking start to our day. i have nothing to show you. -- nice-looking start to the day. if you are lucky enough it be able to get a day off of work, enjoy. it will be a nice one today. off to the north and west, high pressure and that will be working through the course of our friday. lots of sunshine. another beautiful afternoon. this map will not change. 87 your daytime high. winds out of the north and west. >> it keeps wanting to cool off. >> effect does includi
Aug 30, 2011 7:00am PDT
to steve. >>> a lot of fog in those traffic shots. it looks like the fog means cooler conditions. not really the coast. low clouds and fog making it a stronger surge today. the system another one moving into the north, helping to enhance that fog bank. we start off with a lot of gray over the bay and really cool reading, especially up to santa rosa. low clouds, mist. gray dies an 50s and 6 -- gray skies and 50s and 60s. 48, santa rosa to 59 hayward. 53 redwood city, 55 livermore and san jose. there is a better look at that system as that drops in. that just gives us a cooler pattern. and then a cooler, breezy day for those inland. temperatures anywhere from 50s to mid-80s with a lot of 60s and 70s in between. it does look like today and tomorrow we have the cool winning out. then a north wind might kick in which would help get rid of that fog and warm you up. saturday looks nice to warm but cooler on sunday. tori and dave. >>> 7:27. another quake jolts the bay area overnight and this one literally rattled some cages. >> reporter: we're live in san bruno where people react to the
Aug 18, 2011 6:00am EDT
today. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tony perkins. news of a warm day out there. very summery day. >> it is august and it will feel like it it wells in the upper 80s to around -- will feel like it with temperatures in the upper volunteer to around 90. i want to tell you about some rain shower that we've seen in northeastern portions of maryland. we'll keep our eyes open because this could change through the morning and through the day. some of this has been heavy rain up around the aberdeen area and pushing into pennsylvania, philadelphia getting some rainfall and maybe even some lightning up there too. currently, it is 74 degrees at reagan national airport. the humidity is at 73 entrepreneur. the winds are -- the huge is at 73%. the winds are out of the south at nine miles per hour. we cannot rule out some thunderstorms and showers popping up here and there through the day. there are your temperatures. we'll have more on all of that coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> let's check in
Aug 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. late this afternoon, steve jobs stepped down as the ceo of apple effective immediately. kiet do is at apple headquarters in cupertino where the news is sending shockwaves through silicon valley and the world. >> reporter: the few employees who talked with us off camera said it was sad and they didn't find out through company email. they found out by watching media reports so it gives you some idea how secretive this company is. a couple of pr guys greeted us but didn't want to talk on camera and referred us to the company press release. this is video of jobs' last appearance in june. because of his appearance, stock prices dropped. tim cook the company's coo is now the ceo. jobs has also been elected to the chairman of the board. he released a resignation letter saying, i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple ceo i will be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. i hereby resign and ceo of apple. i would like to serve if the board sees fit as chairman of the board, director and apple employ e
Aug 27, 2011 7:00am PDT
of traffic in the last couple days. >>> this week steve jobs announced retirement as apple's ceo and now his boyhood home is a magnet for tourist. we go to where the faithful are flocking. >> reporter: this home is considered a mecca for techies and for those who are just plain curious. it was here that steve jobs grew up and in this garage where apple was born. >> we're from australia. >> reporter: that's why jeff and his son had to stop by. they are here from australia on a silicon valley tour and no stop is complete without a visit to the famous garage. >> it's amazing. i'm just completely blown away. it's really inspiring and it's just so hard to put that into perspective that all started in somebody's garage. >> reporter: two tourists that have stopped by to take pictures of a home and garage where steve jobs created the apple computer. the visit became more mandatory when they heard that jobs stepped down as apple's ceo. >> we were planning to come but it made sure that we got here today. it was on our must-see list today. >> reporter: neighbors jean and joanne knew jobs as a young boy
Aug 2, 2011 10:00am PDT
of the debt clock. we'll be back with steve liesman we'll be back with steve liesman of cnbc. [ recorded voice ] onstar. we're looking for city hall. i'm sending directions to your car. [ recorded voice #2 ] turn right on hill street. go north for two miles. ♪ [ man ] this is onstar. i got a signal there's been a crash. do you need help? yes, please. i've got your gps location. i'm sending help. [ female announcer ] introducing onstar fmv. get it installed on your car at best buy or visit for more stores. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuous
FOX News
Aug 11, 2011 6:00am PDT
it to you, and it comes just two days before the crucial iowa straw poll. fox's steve brown is live in ames, iowa. steve, does a good performance at the debate translate into a win at the straw poll? >> reporter: into a win? >> alisyn: yes. >> reporter: don't know, but it could mean a boost, and you can see they're setting up for the straw poll already. it takes about two days to get some of these displays, if you will, for the candidates ready to go. i have yet to find a republican activist in iowa who will shoot down ryan rhodes, director of the tea party convention, that a good straw poll debate performance will lead to 500 to 1000 additional straw polls. even the governor says that's a polt and certainly michelle bachmann has vaulted upwards in terms of polling numbers by performing well at least in the eyes of republican activists at the debates so far and a state party chairman says hey, a good performance at the debate, it certainly can't hurt. >> there's no question having the debate just 48 hours before iowans go to the polls, at the straw poll. it could have a huge impact. if your
Aug 11, 2011 11:00pm PDT
is heochk to play in round two. he a even par 70. the man to catch steve stricker to a 63 tied the lowest score, he leads by two shots. >> giants had night off they are in florida without carlos beltran. he had a cortisone shot that did not help his wrist. >> cliff pennington, and eric, look out for that wall. it ain't going anywhere. two-run double and conner jackson, meet the wall again. we'll have an updated for him. a's built a 6-0 lead and cruise to a victory. los gatos and puerto rico in the world series. this game was over pretty early. bruce doubled home. austin gabor with a two-run bomb los gatos wins the world series championship, 17-7. >> "nightline" is up next. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you again here tomorrow. bç you can see
Aug 22, 2011 10:00pm PDT
36 years. steve has more. >> reporter: he left loved ones in shock. if william ayres loved his country he spent most of his life running from the justice system. >> i know the family. they are great people. blows my mind. >> reporter: after being convicted in 1966 he escaped in 1975. his hair long and gray. this is him in a mugshot in 1967. here are pictures of the years in between when he was on the run in alaska, canada and raised another family. changing names twice. even the fbi admits he appeared to be beating the system. >> it was a cold case. passed around a little bit. >> reporter: they only tracked him down when his mother died. >> we received a tip from connecticut where she lived. >> reporter: she asked to use a secret number to call her son. from that tip the fbi used phone records from several states to locate their fugitive where he has been living for three decades. daniel lopez was there for the arrest. >> she was surprised she had no idea. >> reporter: inside this home a woman's life partner lost. a fugitive found. >> one thing that stuck out, how did we track
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Aug 14, 2011 12:00pm EDT
to be doing next. tradition would suggest it is not likely at this point in time. >> steve brown, live from iowa, thank you. >>> chris wallace had a one-on-one sit-down with michelle bachmann. hear her plans for reaching the white house and what he thinks about governor perry. stay tuned to fox news channel 2 p.m. eastern to see the entire interview. >>> >> that was government now pawlenty. he's out. perry is officially in for the race for the white house. as iowa voters cast ballots yesterday perry stole a bit of the spotlight by announcing 1200 miles away in south carolina. jonathan serrie was there for the big announcement. >>> it is time to get america working again. that's why with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today as candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: after serving 11 years as governor of texas, rick perry has his eyes set on the biggest office in the land. he made it known at the red state gathering in charleston, south carolina. >> we do not have to accept our current circumstances. we will chang
Aug 19, 2011 10:00pm PDT
. pretty sure he won't be coming back here anytime soon. >> steve large reporting. >>> the royal mascot of burger king is being dethroned. >> the struggling fast food change is kicking out its creepy mascot and it is going to air a new commercial next week. doesn't have any dialogue. simply features the signs and sounds of fresh veggies being prepared. burger king wants to get rid of whacky characters and instead focus on its food. >>> a bay area coach gets a contract extension through 2022. and one of these days the giants will snap out of their funk. but that day will not be today. the minute is next. ussion and had to scratch pablo sandoval from the lineup with a sore shoulder... mark >>> the giants placed catcher eli whiteside on the disabled list with a concussion and had to scratch pablo sandoval from the lineup with a sore shoulder. mark, start the clock. with all the injuries the giants were left with a lineup with only one guy hitting above .250. so much for an easy series with the astros who by the way have the worst record in baseball. ryan vogelsong allows five runs in seven
Aug 3, 2011 5:30pm PDT
. it survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, but second generation owner steve cornell worries about surviving this economy. >> sometimes i lose sleep at night wondering will i be able to fund my payroll tomorrow and how can i do it? i don't want the checks to bounce. >> reporter: a new survey out today from the national small business association found that 88% of business owners expect the economy to be flat or in a recession over the next 12 months. only 29% say they expect to hire in that time. >> because they're not hiring individuals don't see the chances for them to get jobs in the future, so they're not spending. >> i got a great resume. >> reporter: sharon tatra has been out of work since january 2010. her unemployment benefits run out in six weeks. >> i have to remain positive, and be able to write cover letters and promote myself and try to get a job and not be in the fetal position on the floor crying my eyes out like i'm tempted to do. >> reporter: without her benefits, she doesn't know how she'll pay her rent or buy food. >> you kind of grow up thinking if you're a good person, a
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Aug 13, 2011 6:00am EDT
of the candidates randommed for stuff. >> and steve will be live from ames, iowa, and we will see what he has been eating. >>juliet: and now other news, a story from pakistan. officials say gunmen have abducted an american home after storming the home. he is identified at warren winestein a development contract for j.e. austin and the motive is not dealer. foreigners have been targeted by militants in pakistan but unusual for them to stage raid on a victim's home. volunteers resuming a surf for a missing 12-year-old boyfriend, who was hiking with his troops in a utah forest and he was separated. his mother says she is not giving up hope. >> i know there have been thousands and prayers for him and our family, and i seldom and i know if i seldom, and i know he has. >> dog teams also on route to find him. >> casey anthony is forced out of hiding. the 25-year-old was ordered to return to florida to seven probation on check fraud charges in the next two weeks. this requires anthony to report for probation officer and has to undergo drug can alcohol testing at least once a month and requires her to get
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